Cult orientation

Cult orientation happened on 23rd July this year. It is the event in which every club comes together on one platform to showcase the freshie junta of IIT Bombay their respective genres. Hence, there is a healthy competition by each club to make the freshies stand up on their toes through their showcase. This competition goes beyond the normal performances, speeches and videos presented by each club to more intense gaali fight (slang exchange), shouting, clapping and cheering for freshie hostels. It was the same this year also, only instead of “H10 humara hai” or “H3 ki maa ka ***”, it was “H15A humara hai” and “H15B ki something something”. But what did not change was the effort put up by every club to lure the freshers into their respective clubs. We saw great performances by all performing and non performing genres, and our dramatics club FourthWall also performed outstandingly and left the crowd cheering the loudest for us :-). The performance started with the famous ‘Sonu ka Gold Medal’, the entertaining spoof on present JEE system and mockery of the whole two years of family pressure experienced by the JEE aspirants. The crowd was very energetic and responded like crazy having gone through the entire procedure very recently. It was followed by the famous trio Badri, Ayush, and Aditya’s stand up performance on what to actually expect after coming to IIT Bombay (pun intended :-p). Freshies burst into laughter and the response of the crowd was like madness. It sure was a hell of an entertainment for freshies and kind of a peep in for what they are about to experience in the coming days in IIT Bombay. Later the FourthWall council introduced themselves and informed the crowd about the level of professionalism the institute had attained in all these years in dramatics. Kudos to team FourthWall for being the rockstar of the Cult orientation. 🙂









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