Cultural Orientation

The institute cultural orientation was held on July 23rd . Here is a short review of the performance written by our very own Aman Singhal .

                                 Celebrate endings-for they precede new beginnings

We don’t have very good food served in the hostel mess but it never tasted more tasteless. May be I was rushing up for the orientation as it would be (I hope it should be) the last one of my IIT stay I’d get to attend. Albeit in different representations, I have been a part of it all these years; as a freshman, as a hostel secretary to cheer my hostel up, as an actor and as a fourth wall council member.

I was sitting in the very front row and had taken hold of my seat prior to the event commencement as I didn’t want to miss any glimpse. While reminiscing from the old good times, a part of me still wants to jump out of that seat and scream as no one cares. But no matter what I was thinking back then, for now without any further redundancy, I’ll do what I’ve been asked for and write what this space is meant for.

The play starts with an introduction song, where verma ji gets to know about Sharma ji’s son who made it to IIT Bombay. He, under social stress then takes his irresponsible son to Coaching guru and after outwearing shoes on paying huge fee amounts; his son Sonu finally succeeds to make it to IIT. As a whole, the play speaks about the rugged life of students during JEE preparation, and the sacrifices their parents make. Though it’s a firm satire on the private coaching institutes and exploiting business in the name of education, it delivers the message in a much more humorous manner.

The play was little lethargic in the start and few of the actors seemed to be fumbling with their dialogues. It consequently impaired the sync at times but picked up the slack soon after it received a huge emboldening from the freshmen’s end. Some of the scenes which I personally think turned out to be really good, include the cheerleader’s one; the news reading where miming act adds flavor to the plate; the one where they overload Sonu with books; and the portrayal of computer on JEE result.

Overall, it was a great collective effort by sophomores and a wonderful time for the audience. Girls did complete justice to their roles. I liked the co-ordination between Rewa and that mime guy during the news reading scene. Ayush did justice to his father role as well. Sargun looked pretty natural as a coaching guru. Aditya very well played the overstated reporter and Ankit too came out to be impressive in all his scenes.

But the performance leaps up to another benchmark after Badri and Abhishek’s unannounced entry. Abhishek has his own way of mimicking various actors and captivating the audience while Badri only needs few of his body moves to all steal the show. No doubts Badri with his empyreal performance would have had a huge female fan base by now 😛 Cheers to both of them for bringing on stage all young content in a very short time. As they say, even the loftiest towers rise from the ground, I believe that hard beginnings always make a good end. I couldn’t ask for a better finish and I am glad that we have such gems in our club to shoulder up.

In the end of the line, it was nostalgically delighting to watch new talent setting their foot upon the LT stage. ‘Sonu ka gold medal’ will keep coming fresh every time we watch it unless Sibbal succeeds in calling the JEE off. With all these talented sophomores and an awesome council, future of the fourth wall seems to be pretty bright and promising. I hope this year turns out to be the best year for all of us.

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