Childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.

By Aman Singhal

One voice above all lies
One voice before it dies

They believed in using words, not fists and hence they were followed. Since great acts are often born on a street corner, let’s shout together on street itself. Fourth wall IIT Bombay invites you all to the much awaited official launch of’ ‘MANDALI’ which conceptualizes on state-of-the-art dedicated street play group.

This is with great pleasure we hereby announce its inauguration to be done by a highly acclaimed professional actor Mr.Lalit Parimoo who has been actively involved on stage, radio and television for more than past 15 years. The following link would direct to his official website to get through more details on his profile.

The concept of ‘Mandali’ has been built with a motivation of reviving the long-lost street play culture in the institute. This is nothing but a platform for all those street play lovers who are missing on it due to lack of opportunities. With an intention of taking it one step further, we are also glad to announce a series of professional workshops and acting classes associated with the same which would run throughout the next semester. In the end of the story, the fact worth realizing is that you don’t need to be an actor to invoke your voice. Join us on streets and add yet another dimension to your ambit.

P.S. No prerequisites required.You just need to be entirely bonkers to lead the entire show.

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