Ann Prod

By Aman Singhal

The Drama is not dead yet. Its aroma lives and so lives its soul to ameliorate. Where long span of parting can’t be a reason of surcease, we exemplify ‘Fourth Wall’.It brings to you another big event from its store called ‘Annual productions’, commonly known as ANN PROD.

Having started in 2005 as a part of theater festival, Ann prod is a stage which has witnessed greatest plays of the institute. First time ever being separated from Theater fest this year, it is scheduled as a 2 day event comprising of 8 outstanding plays. Every play in its own unique way challenges the throne of grandeur. The motivation of ensuring a primary check on quality justifies the reason of not keeping Ann Prod as a competition. It explicitly provides a platform where best talents of the institute can be exhibited.

Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place. Every year in the month of January, playwrights foregather to contribute back their best with everything what they have learnt here. It’s time when they let off the debt. All renowned or passed out actors from the institute whom we ever have heard of, have gained their fame and excelled in their genre right from this stage. Be it the countrywide acclaimed ‘Naali K Kutte’ or still performing ‘Jaago Jaago Jaago’, Ann prod stage has given them all. On an experimental basis, this Ann Prod presents to you a special performance by juniors to give them an opportunity so as to nurture their talent out of an amateur act. 

In the end of the line, we hereby promise you one more year of magnificent ‘Annual Productions’. The very place to display your endowments is set. All we need to conserve is the charismatic spirit of excellence. Hopefully in this journey of Ann Prod you not only gain a wonderful experience to cherish but also travel to a new dimension of Dramatics.

P.S: Keep watching this space to check on updates or further announcements on Annual Productions.

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