Ye Gumnaam Zindagi

By Altaf Ahmad

The sole of the play is based on how we ignore the blasts happening in India until it all happens wid us. This is the story of three newspaper distributors(paper-waalas) who hang and distribute the news paper in the morning near a tea stall of a muslim old man. They talk about things printed on the news paper daily. One of them is really concerned about the things happening in and around the country but the other two just make fun out of it. The 3 had really good bonding among themselves and also with the tea vendor. The owner of the news paper agency is a very cruel and harsh man. One of the paper-waala’s has recently gotten married to a beautiful girl in the town.  But one day all of theirs lives changes when blasts happen in Mumbai and one of them dies in it. But the owner steps out of clause and asks them not panic and move on with their lives. The play very well describes how we ignore things around us and do not take measures to prevent and preserve things until something bad happens with us. And how the normal life continues to flow despite of the losses and devastations we experience in our lives.  A very versatile acting by Badri with his comic and funny style in the beginning and after the blast the panic and shock and also Jitendra very well pulled of the difficult role of old man in the story. The lights were the special mention of the play, the director very creatively showed early morning scene of around 4 am with a combination of dim normal lights and blue spots. Overall very well scripted (Jayant ), very well acted by the cast, very well directed play.

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