Go To Hell

By Yashasvi Gawali

The play starts off with a scene where  MODERN Yamraj (Nivedan) is supposed to kill an actress (Jaskirat) on earth. But the actress with her charm and beauty convinces yamraj to hire her as his secretary in the heaven. As the play advances we come to know that the Yamraj is very “kamchhor”, “rishwatkhor” and has an affair with her “supposedly” secretary, consequently a case is filed against him . Next is the courtroom scene where the case advances, the defence lawyer is the actress and against him is Indra (Suyash), and the judges are Goddess (Ashima) and Bramha (Rohit). The witnesses are Surya ( Abhiram) and Blue(Varun). Although the charges against Yamraj are really strong but the Actress with her wittiness turns the coin in his favour. But the intern which Yamraj hired earlier (Dabaade)again flips the coin and the ball comes in yamraj’s court again. But in the end Yamraj manages to disprove everything against him with a mixture of senti and clever speech. The best thing about the play was that this was a concept never thought before by any Sophie. It was a really very well scripted play with but a few mistakes in execution. The small (but very well acted) elements in the play made it quite hilarious. The characters were well outlined and well acted, flirty nature of actress and the charm that she creates over others adds to the humour, the peculiar style of goddess quoting everything as “middle class”. The IIT “fatte” as usual are a big source of entertainment as well. There were some parts where some actors were blank and some in which some really overacted. But overall kudos to the script writer and director of the play Namrata for such an amusing script and play.

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