Sophie Prod Awards – Best Technicals

To continue the fun, we bring to you ‘Sophie Prod Awards’, invite your friends to vote for you in the various categories. Winners will be given free food coupons 🙂

Let the fun begin!

P.S.   All in good spirit!

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8 Responses to Sophie Prod Awards – Best Technicals

  1. Suresh Kumar R says:

    Its good.

  2. Mukesh Malav says:

    Tabaadla is Rocked!!!!!!!!

  3. divya jain says:


  4. bhNU says:

    I am realy happy to see your play and your dedication.
    wish u all the success

  5. Archi Dasgupta says:


  6. KC says:

    Well I liked “Lene Tujhe O gouri” but the polls are giving a clear picture of everything…:P

  7. Ravikumar Beeranur says:

    I am very happy with your play and hard work. wish u all the success.

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