Sophie Prod

‘Sophies’ Production’ or commonly known as ‘Sophie Prod’, is one of the most awaited events of the dram enthusiastic junta in the institute. This is the event – for, by and of the sophies, so as to say. This event gives the Sophies a platform to showcase their budding talent by putting up a play written, directed and acted by sophies themselves.

This year Sophie Prod proved to be a great success. The event showcased 10 plays put up by the sophomores – 2 of them were PG plays and 8 were UG. The event, that lasted approximately 6 hours long, was hugely appreciated by the senior members of FourthWall. And as one of them mentioned, FourthWall’s future will keep on getting brighter and brighter.

So after the long wait, here are the experiences of the people who put in months to create these plays, and reviews given by senior FourthWall members on watching them.

Go to Hell

Scriptwriter – Namrata Singh

Mentors – Ayush Jain, Aditya Gupta (Bonda), Abhinav Yadav (Enthu), Jatin Solanki, Abhilasha Saroj, Rahul Ajmera

Actors – Nivvedan Rathi, Jaskirat Kaur, Rohit Ghosh, Suyash Somani, Akash Bansal, Ashima Mittal, Sanket Dabade, Abhiram Adhi

Namrata speaks,

“Sophie prod is like an institution in itself, which forces management, thinking and fun. The best part is that u r hanging out with friends, enjoying night-outs, interacting with seniors and yet you are doing something productive at the end of the day. I got to know my skills and flaws both during the period and enjoyed both. During the practises, we saw our seniors at work and learnt a lot on how things are to be managed even under extreme pressure. Learnt a lot from Ayush, Jatin, Aditya and Abhilasha. Fourth wall seriously rocks….I have never seen such a friendly atmosphere …I could hardly differentiate between sophies, thirdies and fourthies…all were coloured with the same colour-sophie prod.”

Review by Yashasvi Gawali –

A play starts off with a scene where  MODERN Yamraj (nivedan)is supposed to kill an actress(Jaskirat)on earth. But the actress with her charm and beauty convinces yamraj to hire her as his secretary in the heaven. As the play advances we come to know that the Yamraj is very “kamchhor”  “rishwatkhor” and has an affair with her “supposedly” secretary, consequently a case is filed against him . Next is the courtroom scene where the case advances, the defence lawyer is the actress and against him is Indra (Suyash), and the judges are Goddess (Ashima) and Bramha (Rohit). The witnesses are Surya ( Abhiram) and Blue(Varun). Although the charges against Yamraj are really strong but the Actress with her wittiness turns the coin in his favour. But the intern which Yamraj hired earlier (Dabaade)again flips the coin and the ball comes in yamraj’s court again. But in the end Yamraj manages to disprove everything against him with a mixture of senti and clever speech. The best thing about the play was that this was a concept never thought before by any Sophie. It was a really very well scripted play with but a few mistakes in execution. The small (but very well acted) elements in the play made it quite hilarious. The characters were well outlined and well acted, flirty nature of actress and the charm that she creates over others adds to the humour, the peculiar style of goddess quoting everything as “middle class”. The IIT “fatte” as usual are a big source of entertainment as well. There were some parts where some actors were blank and some in which some really overacted. But overall kudos to the script writer and director of the play Namrata for such an amusing script and play.

The Last Verdict

Scriptwriter – Rahul Singh

Mentors –  Balashish Dubey, Akhil Sharma (Kaanda), Chaitanya J. Dhande, Kapish Malhotra

Actors – Rahul Singh, Kartik Choudhary, Prateek Agarwal, Keshav Agarwal, Rahee Borade, Neha Innanje, Abhijeet Somani, Diksha Meghwal

Rahul speaks,

“Writing the script for the sophie had been a great experience for me. I really enjoyed it and will always miss it. My mentors and the team mates appreciated my idea when I told them about the genre and theme of the script. I initially prepared a draft, a story which was to be portrayed on the LT stage. I shared the story with my mentors and they pointed out the mistakes in order to eradicate them and also gave some suggestions regarding adding elements in the story. Then I started writing dialogues along with the screen play. However I totally sucked in the screen play part. Kanda (one of my mentors) told me to just focus on the dialogues the screen play part we all will handle later. When the script was finally ready with dialogues the team started practicing on it. We all initially were pathetic when it came to the acting but we never gave up. We kept practicing overnight, worked for the initial screening which held before the sophie prod in order to check the current status of all the plays. Fortunately we pulled it off. Next, when there were only 2 days left before the final screening we modified the script a little bit with the help of Bala and Dhande to make the play more interesting according to the audience point of view. That was the time when Bala and Dhande came up with the idea of using mime to enact a particular scene. Then finally on the day of sophie prod we did only 2-3 run-throughs just before our final performance. I am glad that my team did a great job on the final performance though there were some fumbles but we have no regrets whatsoever. We had a lot of fun on the stage and offstage. I will always cherish those moments. Thanks and kudos to all my team mates: kartik, prateek, keshav, rahee, neha, diksha & abhjijeet. Special thanks to the mentors: kanda, bala, kapish & dhande.”

Review by Gaganjeet Singh –

Based on a fight over a controversial case, this play had a very nice content. Informations to be given were nicely spread/scripted over the whole plot. Play had 2 lawyers against each other on a suicide which was very smartly framed. The story is quite simple though. A rich girl is kidnapped by some unknown kidnappers who later on force her father to commit suicide if he wants his daughter to be safe. Poor father without thinking or consulting someone else simply commits suicide (which was bit surprising for me). And there is a charge of murder on his business partner for kidnapping his daughter and forcing him to suicide because of company shares. Later on, it eventually comes that his daughter kidnapped herself with the help of her father’s business partner. And due to the lack of facts his business partner is set free by court. Charm of the play was the plot of the court-room. It was very nicely scripted and arguments from both the parts were quite strong. Having Bala on lights means you need not worry about it any more. Lights were good. Play used some nice and interesting background scores. Death and after death scenes were symbolically depicted by the evil of life, which was unique. All the actors were good. One of the lawyers’ kept fumbling with his lines, though carried out decently at the end. Play had a heavy prod. which was creating problems for the light set-up. The office of the father was made in the right quadrant of the stage to avoid unnecessary black outs. The play got nice appreciation from the audience. Overall a nice play to watch and good entertainment for the audience.

Lene tujhe o Gauri

Scriptwriter – Kanad Dagaonkar, Harshveer Jain

Mentors – Aditya Gupta (Bonda), Bhavna Gupta

Actors – Kanad Dagaonkar, Shantanu Dingre, Aishwarya Ghumre, Gaurav Mani Prasad, Samarpan Soni, Harshveer Jain

Harshaveer speaks,


That is all i can say to the people i worked with during my sophie prod. Nothing else sums up the gratitude, appreciation, respect and goodwill i feel for my team and specially, our mentor. Its true – when you work with people day in and night out, you develop a sense of belonging like nothing else. You develop a sense of a family, a close knit group of hearts and minds who know each other, understand each other and above all, live some of the most precious moments of life with each other that make you look back and say – i miss you. And that happened to me within a short span of a week, in which we developed a script, practiced the scenes, decided on dialogues and finally staged a play. After that, it doesn’t matter, as it never should, whether your play was accepted or not. All that matters is what you learn, what you feel when you step down from the stage and see the faces of the people you work with and in them you see the joy you feel reflected, the happiness that engulfs you reflected, the emotions you cannot depict, reflected. And that is when you realize that your play was the best play there was, because you worked with the best team there could have been. You feel a sense of possession and love for your play, the play you scripted, acted in, directed and set up on stage. It is a feeling you can only feel once you perform and sit back and ponder over the hours you spent working on your play. And for that, i thankyou, again, aditya ‘bonda’ gupta, aishwarya ghumre, bhavna gupta, gaurav mani, kanad dagaonkar, samarpan soni, shantanu ‘bhopali’ dingre and ofcourse karunesh jigyasu who put me in this.”

 Review by Kanhaiya Bairwa –

An awesome romantic-comedy play mentored by Aditya Bonda Gupta. Play ke mentors Bhavna Gupta & Aditya Bonda Gupta ke direction me play aur bhi nikhar gaya.  har koi apne aap me lead character tha. Harshveer ki funny poem se introduce hua play, taaliyo ke saath audience ko shuru se hi apni or kheench baitha tha. Manager Chadda  (samarpan soni) aur  Gauri (Aishwaryaa) ke stage par aane se Neta Chandan pandey(shantanu dingre)  ki prem kahani ki shuruaat hoti hai. aur prem-kahaani ke shuru hone se pahle usme Raj (Kanad) ki entry se kahani me ek naya mod aa jaata hai. Raj ne apna filmy character itna bakhoobi ada kiya ki aap khud ko muskurane se rok nahi sakte. aur beech beech me background music aur un par Raj nd Gauri ka act kisi film ke scene se kam nahi tha.  Shambhoo (Mani, not money :P) ke beech beech me interruptions aur dialogue delivery ne bhi khoob taaliya batori. Harshveer ek baar fir baba ke role me Neta aur Raj ko fundae dete huye  kahani ko sambhalte huye stage par aate hai.  Gauri ke ek thhappad ne poore LT ko 5 sec ke liye bilkul khamosh sa kar diya. aur freshies side character me apna talent dikhate huye apne role play kiye.

Play shuru se end tak apni ko audience se jod ke rakha. costumes se lekar dialogues, har ek element apni jagah sahi tha. har scene ke baad story apne alag andaaj me aage badhi. iska poora credit mentors ko jaata hai. in short, sophomores ki taraf se ek behtareen play tha.

Meethe Kenchue

Scriptwriter – Karunesh Jigyasu, Shrey Singh

Mentors – Ayush Jain, Gaganjeet Singh, Shruti Choudhary, Kanhaiya Bairwa, Amisha Chajjlani

Actors – Karunesh Jigyasu, Shreyansh Yadav, Anuj Choudhary, Saurav Pethe

Sounds – Rohan Pillai, Prajwal Aithal, Akshay Dandekar, Shrey Singh

Karunesh speaks,

Sophie Prod has proved to be a journey to me – an odyssey full of experiences, moments that I will cherish forever, emotions – joy, frustration, excitement, anger. As if this whole experience was another mentor for me, teaching me valuable things. I am so overwhelmed with this whole experience that I am finding it difficult what should I share here – those endless spammings on our group, the daily nightouts we had, the moment when I came near to ditching the prod or the moment when I felt that our play will leave everyone mesmerized…there are so many emotions associated, so many memories!   Having chosen a patriotic script, I always had a side of me saying that we won’t do justice with the theme, and the expectations people seemed to have made it seem all the more negative. But my mentors really helped me a lot in this case. Knowing that I am such a nabdu, they always helped me keep my morale high… When I was on the LT stage, performing, seeing the audience reaction, I realised that maybe my play was a bit too heavy (or maybe it was being staged at the wrong time), but then just one glimpse of my mentors made me forget all the tensions creeping in my mind – the look that said, ‘everything would be all right… we have full faith in you’. Ayush , Gagan, Shruti, Kanu, Amisha – Thank You! (But I know this isn’t enough) and sorry – if I ever made you give up! My teammates –Anuj, Pethe, Shreyansh, Shrey … it was an awesome experience working with you guys!

‘Meethe Kenchue’ is dedicated to you…won’t ever forget it…never!”

 Review by Arpit Agrawal –

The writer (Karunesh) has picked up an episode from history, a very known story especially after it was highlighted in Rang De Basanti, and given it his own little twist and spice if I might say. The interesting plot revolves around the bonding that two of our freedom fighters, Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqulla Khan, shared as they plotted India’s fight for freedom contrasted against the fictional story of their accidental friendship as children.

The play presents 2 parallel stories. First is the one of a young Hindu boy, Ram (played by Anuj) though hostile towards Muslims, somehow through the game of “Kanche” finds a close friend in Ashu (played by Saurav), a young Muslim lad, new in the neighbourhood. Parallel runs the story of Ram Prasad Bismil (Shreyansh) and Ashfaqulla Khan (Karunesh) who each find their love for poetry along with their common passion for India’s freedom that drives them to new plans to save Indians from the atrocities of the British. The first few scenes do extremely well in establishing each of the characters – Ashu is shown to be really playful and at times mischievous while Ram and Ashfaq each bring out a very serious character from the very beginning.  As the story progresses, one begins to spot the similarities between Ram and Ram and also between Ashfaq and Ashu, and as the play draws to a close, it shows that Ram and Ashu are indeed the childhood of Ram and Ashfaq.

The flow of the play and the characters displayed by the actors show that Karunesh has put in considerable effort in doing research on the characters and content of the play. Another noteworthy thing was how meticulously it was ensured that each dialogue of Ashfaq was in Urdu, and those of Bismil were in Hindi.

A special mention needs to be given to Shreyansh, whose brilliant body language, especially while narrating the poems, delivered an added impact to these patriotic poems.

A few points the play could have improved upon: the costumes of the actors who played the child roles seemed a little out of place, the lighting of the entire play was slightly on dimmer than expected as the actors’ face could often not been seen clearly and a little more effort needed to be put into stage design. But overall, a very brave attempt on the part of these sophies and one of the better plays of the night in my opinion.

Will learns to lie

Scriptwriter – Palash Kulkarni

Mentors – Yudhister Satija, Arpan Saha, Raunak

Actors – P V Krishna, Ishita Dasgupta,Shrey Agrawal, Palash Kulkarni, Abhishek Yadav, Aditya Gangrade, Devendra Chaplot

Sounds – Namrata Singh

Palash speaks,

“It was already midnight. The play which I had nurtured for almost four months was about to be performed in front of some hundred odd people in LT. The feeling was new and vaguely unfamiliar. While I was disappointed that the play had gotten delayed by almost two hours, I was equally nervous and excited to see it unfold in front of my eyes.

And then it began.

Contrary to what I’d expected, I wasn’t nervous or scared when it was all happening. Things were just ‘flowing’ without any hidden machinery – falling into place, effortlessly. There was hardly any time to feel. The applause, the laughter, the crowd’s reaction made us feel alive. We messed the last scene of the play. Nevertheless the play happened as we had expected.

The experience, to say the least, was enriching. Right from the days of scripting to the final curtains of the play, I felt a persisting sensation of being a part of something big. What I find almost unbelievable is that something which began with a single thought which struck me one fine evening grew into a half an hour extravaganza.

En route, I met some wonderful people. The actors – Shrey, Abhishek, Aditya, Krishna, Ishita, Ashvin, Nilesh, Namrata and Devendra were always ready to go for that extra mile in rehearsing, the mentors – Yudhister (Yudi) who always kept us on toes, whose enthusiasm rubbed off onto us, Arpan whose inputs from last year’s experience were helpful, for lack of a better word, Ronak from whom we learnt a lot about theatre and acting in general. I would like to extend my gratitude to Prasun Agrawal who understood the play more than anyone, probably even more than me.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Shubham and Fourth Wall for organizing such a great show. “

Ye Gumnaam Zindagi

Scriptwriter – Jayanth Jaiswal

Mentors – Piyush , Deepti

Actors – Badri, Ranjeet, Smarak, Jitendra, Niyati, Nilesh

Lights – Avijit Arya

Sounds – Jayanth , Devendra Singh Chaplot

Jayanth speaks,

“This event gave a platform to showcase talent and skills in every part of play from script-writing to technical-handeling. And we all sophies fully exploited this opportunity and learnt a lot,though enjoyed more.In this event, I did script-writing,direction,music handelling,lights and finally,gave voice-over too.What more you can expect from a event which gives so many opportunities in dramatics in just second year.We had to practise continously for last 5 days to achieve the level of performance we had put up on the stage.They all did mistakes and learnt from it, which made it memorable.We had to do the play almost without any mentor, which made the situation more interesting ,when we were not able to decide what to do next and then,each one of us came forward with amazing ideas and expertise.

Some Memorable Incidents :-

1.Well, in one scene the actress had to carry a tiffin but she,herself was enjoying the play and was mesmerised by the performance of Badri that she forgot that she had a role there with tiffin.I was at the desktop handelling music and i gave her sign of having food,which reminded her that she had to enter the stage for her role, carrying tiffin. Badri really cracked…

2.In the play’s end, the actress lost her necklace .And Nilesh searched the whole LT Stage at the beginning of the next play so dramatically ,that made audience believe that the next play has started.Luckily,she got her necklace not on the LT Stage, but on the floor next to it. 🙂

 All in all,it was a nice event but better execution can be expected for event such big as this in future.In brief, Sophie Prod rocked and we,sophies cracked…”

Review by Altaf Ahmad –

The sole of the play is based on how we ignore the blasts happening in India until it all happens wid us. This is the story of three newspaper distributors(paper-waalas) who hang and distribute the news paper in the morning near a tea stall of a muslim old man. They talk about things printed on the news paper daily. One of them is really concerned about the things happening in and around the country but the other two just make fun out of it. The 3 had really good bonding among themselves and also with the tea vendor. The owner of the news paper agency is a very cruel and harsh man. One of the paper-waala’s has recently gotten married to a beautiful girl in the town.  But one day all of theirs lives changes when blasts happen in Mumbai and one of them dies in it. But the owner steps out of clause and asks them not panic and move on with their lives. The play very well describes how we ignore things around us and do not take measures to prevent and preserve things until something bad happens with us. And how the normal life continues to flow despite of the losses and devastations we experience in our lives.  A very versatile acting by Badri with his comic and funny style in the beginning and after the blast the panic and shock and also Jitendra very well pulled of the difficult role of old man in the story. The lights were the special mention of the play, the director very creatively showed early morning scene of around 4 am with a combination of dim normal lights and blue spots. Overall very well scripted (Jayant ), very well acted by the cast, very well directed play.


Scriptwriter – Deepak Sharma

Mentors – Altaf ahmad, Divya Alok Nirmal (Pappa), Arpit Agrawal, Anant Tiwari (Baba)

Actors – Deepak Sharma, Pankhuri, Manish Kumar Poddar, Rishabh Bajaj,  Devansh Chawla, Diksha Meghwal, Pukhraj Kansotia

Lights – Vinay Yadav

Sounds – Shubham Yadav, Parul Verma, Akshay Dandekar, Rohan Pillai

Review by Akhil Sharma – 

Jazbaat as the name suggest was a play that revolves around the feelings of mentally retarted people. The story has a feel good factor since it was charmed with the innocence that the actors pulled off brilliantly. The lead actor and the actress showed some brilliant chemistry but the best aspect of the play was that every person standing on stage showed some briiliant acting skill which made it a complete play. It was a play that looked complete and reflected the hard work the bacchas and the mentors had done.The mentors especially a person like altaf ahmad needs no introduction and he displayed awesome dram sense, but again the collective effort of Pappa, baba and others made this play look so real. The acting, the music and the lights all were nearly perfect and so was the script.The play was succesfull when it comes to touching your heart since it was a perfect blend of innocence of love and the harsh reality that the protaganist faces.The only thing the play didnt incorporated was the crispness and the fluctuating emotions that had a wide scope for this play.
The initial scenes of the assylum created a deja-vu and then the length was also a bit long.Although the amazing perfoemance of the sophies never let the distractions overcome their play. I would like to sum up the review with last statement that the play was heart touching and the bacchas brilliantly pulled off a serious play which will be remembered as one of the best sophie prod for years.Just remember that the actors were so perfect and the music was aptly timed that even the disruptive audience couldnt make a noise till the curtains had fallen, and the only sound I could hear was of a LOUD APPLAUSE.
Credits to the very dedicated team of sophies and mentors and hope to see you people again on stage.


Scriptwriter – Surabhi Srivastava

Mentors –  Tanash Sharma, Prasoon Agrawal

Directors – Surabhi Srivastava, Parul Maheshwari

Actors – Anvita Dekhane, Ekansh Bansal, Bhavna Saxena, Vivek Paharia, Pikai Sarkar, Shubhanshuk, Mayank Choudhary, Ram Babu, Kartik Kalra

Lights – Parul Maheshwari

Sounds – Abhijeet Somani

Review by Rohan Sabley –

‘Tamanna’ is the same old clichéd female centric story that is common in many rural areas of India with a fresh perspective by a very talented writer/director.  It speaks of the transformation of a young girl form the rural interiors to the new empowered women by virtue of her education in the city who fights against the oppression (or rather the lack of free will to women ) of women in the society. It’s also a journey of self-discovery for the lead protagonist Tamanna (Played by Anvita). The plot has various flashback and real time scenes happening one after the other which is lucidly explained in the script.

Subhanshuk (Hawaldar) and Mayank(Inspector) do great in their parts. Subhanshu uses the rural accent to suit the plot and does commendable world in his sly humor and body language (talk about getting into the character). Bhavna (Tammana’s mother) efficiently essays a typical Punjabi mother who is proud of her daughter’s success and wants to get rid of her responsibility by marrying her daughter. Vicky (played by Vivek) is show as a naïve brother at the start (which seemed a little too childish) but transfers into a strong character when he realizes his sister is actually in love with a guy-Ashish (Ekansh) from her college.

Pikai (Ashish’s father) and Ashish (both do due justice to their roles) patiently try to convince the girl family for the marriage and the scene convincingly portrays the disregard of Love marriages in the rural Indian Society. Eventually the couple does get married.

A better portrayal of a romantic husband would have worked wonders in the anniversary scene. The argument scene seemed to go out of hand a little bit. It could have been much better with clarity of dialogues.  Vivek And his associate decide it time to get even with Ashish and eventually kill Ashish.

The gem of the story is Tammana who comes out as a strong independent woman trying to fight against the society for her love. She maintains her calm during the whole ordeal and speaks up against her Husband’s killers silencing them while standing up for the right. Anvita does complete justice to her role with sublime acting and is bound to do great in future with polishing from Fourth Wall.

Lastly, The well written script and great direction from Surabhi along with insightful narration greatly adds value to the play. On the whole it was a great effort by the whole cast and Mentors (Prasun and Tanash ) and a great time for  the audience . Fourth Wall seems to have a gem in Surabhi with her overall effort in the play and I am confident that she is bound to achieve great success in direction/script writing in Fourth Wall. All the best to all the sophomores who put a great show and may your contribute hugely to the club and enrich it even further.

PS- Long live Four Wall 😛


Mentors – Mriganka, Richa

Scriptwriter – Richa

Actors – Mriganka, Arpita, Gulshan, Sulakshan, Saurabh, Ankit, Abhranil, Spandana, Sanju

Lights –Saurabh , Sulekha, Swati, Shyama, Shilpa


Mentors – Sohom, Kunal
Scriptwriter – Kunal

Actors – Kunal, Sohom, Sandeep, Shubha, Uddipta, Archit, Sachin

Lights – Saurabh ,Sulekha,Swati,Shyama,Shilpa

Sounds – Jigar,Vaibhav

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2 Responses to Sophie Prod

  1. Really liked Meethe Kenchue, Jazbaat. Acting was very convincing especially from senior Bismil and senior Khan. Commendable effort in script. With the help of mentors, I am sure, this can become very effective and one of our entries in inter-college competitions. Also, Kanad was hilarious in Lene tujhe o gowri. Other plays too had high points here and there. Thanks a lot for making my evening memorable.

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