Char Diwas Premache (Marathi Play)

By Chaitanya J. Dhande

Suyog and Dolphin Entertainment Presentation
Produced By: Natyasuman
Written By: Ratnakar Matkari
Directed By: Waman Kendre
Voiceover: Nitin Nerulkar
Music: Ashok Patki
Cast: Savita Prabhune, Arun Nalawade, Vina Jamkar, Prashant Damle
Genre: Comedy
The play starts with a beautiful Marathi composition called Natyasangeet, “Deva Shankara….!!” All the four actors followed their own way of presenting a character to the audience at their best. Being a great singer Prashant Damle gave his voice for some of the compositions in the play. In this play they tried to show many love stories some of them were traditional and some were modern. Contrary to a belief that the four letter word “LOVE” lasts for four days and the rest is just compromise, Char Diwas Premache explores the true meaning of “love” through a series of relationships starting from a misunderstood childhood romance, followed by the fact that sometimes even provocation and jealousy can help you win a suitor at the same time also revealing that generation and communication gaps are normally the reason for heartbreaks and fallouts and successfully concludes the fact that true love lasts forever. The music by Ashok Patki throughout the play made the play to reach the amazing heights of emotions, comedy and drama. Screenplay is superbly carried out. Without using too much of props the garden, house, beach, television, bedroom were amazingly created. There is very little use of lights. While enjoying the play you cannot afford to miss even a single dialogue as the script is completely funny with a great level of humour. Fresh Voices of Savita Prabhune and Vina Jamkar made female characters more alive. Unlike the other comedy plays it successfully maintained the humour till the end. Every character in a play has his/her own style and you can differentiate between them very easily (again the credit goes to the Director and the actors). The one of the most popular and fantastic Marathi plays which crossed 1000 shows. You will hardly find any mistake or a flaw in the whole execution. Do watch it!! I have enjoyed it many times.

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