FourthWall Orientation

This year’s Fourthwall Orientation has moved to a higher level. We have invited renowned personalities like Ratna Pathak Shah, (famous as Maya Sarabhai) and Joy Fernandes (famous as Chamunda in Jajantaram Mamantaram). They will be conductive an interactive theatre session with the students and share their experiences with them.

Besides as a part of the performances, we have our famous plays “Hawalat” and “Wedding Vows on a Graveyard”. The former is an adaptation of a play by Sarveshvar Dayal Saxena, and is a satire on the socio-economic state of our country. It was a winning entry in Mood Indigo’10 and has been performed at National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai. The second play is a monologue, to be performed by Tanash Sharma, which is based on the anguish of a 14 year old daughter.

Everyone’s invited to attend the event!

Date: 10th August

Venue: LT(PCSA)

Time: 8pm

NOTE – Entry closes at 8:15pm.

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